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The World is
Running Out of Soil

The United Nations declared soil finite and predicted catasrophic loss within 60 years, if nothing is done by 2050 the world faces $23 trillion worth of impact from soil degradation.

Soil as a Platform

Securing the global food supply, clean drinking water, biodiversity and health

Revitalises Soil

SaaP Growth Formula enriches soil, building strong roots, reducing the need for fertiliser and pesticides by over 90%.

How SaaP revitalises soil

Prevents Erosion

Using SaaP strategies nutrients are fixed in the soil and erosion is reduced by 95% vs traditional farming.

How SaaP prevents erosion

Larger Yields

SaaP builds resistance to environmental stresses producing larger yields even in drought or extreme temperatures.

How SaaP gets larger yields

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Carbon Sequestered


Water Filtered


Soil Protected


Money Saved


Yield Increase


There are 2 million farms in the United States alone

The Benefits of SaaP

SaaP enriches and fixes soil

Saves The Soil

Soil erosion decreases soil fertility, negatively affect crop yields and causing flooding. SaaP reduces erosion by 95%.

Carbon Negative

SaaP Growth Formula production produces no CO2 and SaaP allows soil to sequester carbon. Fertilisers are responsible for more CO2 than aviation and shipping combined.

Less Fertiliser

Combining SaaP's Strategy with the Growth Formula results in improved yields with 90% lower fertiliser use.

How does SaaP use less fertiliser? Learn more here.

Less Pesticides

SaaP fosters healthy root growth by building high, nutrient available soils providing natural resistance to environmental stresses.

How does SaaP use less pesticides? Learn more here.

Higher Yield

By enriching soil, making essential nutrients more accessible and usable to plants, yields are increased.

How does SaaP get high yeilds? Learn more here.

SaaP Needs You

Wether you're a service provider, local operator, etc SaaP needs you. Join our territorial offerings as a team member, sales, etc.

Would you like to become a local agent for SaaP? Get an immediate credit realisable on sale, apply here.